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  • Takeover Activity

    We have reviewed some research that we conducted 18 months ago on takeovers and takeover premia. The number of takeover offers during the period are shown in the following chart. Total activity has diminished considerably. Is this a function of the global lack of confidence we see permeating business? Mining...

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  • Maximising the Value of your Business

    What you need to know What a lot of business owners and shareholders do not understand is that while value creation could eventuate through a sale, it also comes through a better organised, controlled and integrated operating business. The outcomes that maximise value are aligned with maximising earnings and effective...

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  • Thinking of Selling your Business?

    Securing a strategic premium The goal of any sale process is to maximise shareholder value, both financial and non-financial. A successfully executed sale is best achieved by detailed research, planning, timely communication, a well-managed process and, most importantly, appointing an experienced sale advisor and planning well prior to the actual...

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