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  • Picasso, Escobar, Fernandez

    With the release of Pablo Fernandez’s annual survey of Market Risk Premium (MRP) and Risk Free (Rf) rates, InterFinancial thought it apt to summarise the results in light of recent valuations and the weakness in particular areas of analyst research. We also delve into how easily the market can be...

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  • What Private Equity Strategy Planners Can Teach Public Companies

    The role of Private Equity firms has fluctuated over the last decade. A number of funds have struggled post-GFC, others have found support as investors chase yield in a low interest rate environment, and a range of alternative models including family offices have emerged. Despite these changes, a number of...

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  • FY16 – A record year!

    The 2016 financial year has come to an end and as we reflect on the year that was, InterFinancial would like to thank everyone who has helped shape one of our most successful years in both volume and quality of deals. In addition, InterFinancial forged a number of new relationships...

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