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  • IFL Ventures has launched

    We are excited to announce a new specialised division of InterFinancial; IFL Ventures.  IFL Ventures is a specialist corporate advisory division focusing on IP-Rich enterprises with a value of between $1m-$20m, in contrast to InterFinancial's focus on the mid-market range of $20m to $250m. IFL Ventures is being led by Graeme...

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  • Capturing the post-merger value

    Capturing the post-merger value At InterFinancial’s recent M&A Insiders event, we were fortunate enough to have Darren Stanley from Citadel Group discuss a few key learnings from his years across roles in the military, the IT industry, and most recently as Citadel Group’s Chief Executive Officer. Citadel’s M&A strategy is...

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  • Agriculture Commentary – Rural property market update

    Rural property market update (20.03.18) David Hassum recently attended the annual Rural Property Market update presented by Herron Todd White (HTW). Below are some of our key take-outs from Mick’s presentation, with David’s added spin on them. Productivity gains can do it World-wide agricultural productivity has been increasing at about...

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