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  • Meet George Jetson

    Cleantech Group European Forum – Antwerp David Hassum recently attended the Cleantech Group’s annual European forum in Antwerp, Belgium. The Cleantech Group has been organising these forums for over 15 years. The attendees were from a wide range of groups in the Cleantech sector including senior representatives from major energy,...

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  • It’s all about the waste…no landfill

    In 2016, the World Economic Forum warned that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. Closer to home, coral and fish of the Great Barrier Reef are being slowly poisoned by the consistent injection of plastic into our national treasure. Environmentally friendly waste management practices,...

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  • IFL Ventures has launched

    We are excited to announce a new specialised division of InterFinancial; IFL Ventures.  IFL Ventures is a specialist corporate advisory division focusing on IP-Rich enterprises with a value of between $1m-$20m, in contrast to InterFinancial's focus on the mid-market range of $20m to $250m. IFL Ventures is being led by Graeme...

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