Two sides of the same coin – A guide to Due Diligence

A clean exit and a high multiple. That’s all sellers are after, right? The answer is of course, no. Cultural and strategic fit, growth capital, opportunity to diversify, development for key talent, legacy preservation and brand retention are just a few of the many considerations business owners have when selling their business. But how do […]

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Clairfield’s Annual Outlook 2019 examines leading themes in Business & Finance

Clairfield International is pleased to announce the publication of its Annual Outlook 2019. This yearly publication is a look at the M&A landscape by sector and region with a special focus where Clairfield is most active. The 2019 edition features the contributions of senior advisors and experts in the field for thought leadership pieces and sector […]

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20 Questions – M&A Edition

In this month’s dashboard, we play 20 questions. But no, we are not playing parlour games in Victorian England, we are talking mergers and acquisitions. A sale process can take 6 to 9 months to complete, so choosing the right advisor for your needs should not be taken lightly. Here are 20 essential questions you […]

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Speakers wow at Clairfield’s Technology & Healthcare conference in Jerusalem

Clairfield dealmakers from 10 different countries were impressed by the scope of private and government investment in technology at Clairfield International’s TMT and healthcare conference in Jerusalem last week. The message was clear from an impressive array of local experts: Israelis are natural risktakers, which translates into an entrepreneurial culture that values making a better […]

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Private Equity – Looking for Fine Answers

Private equity firms (and other financial investors) have always had an air of mystery about them, particularly for business owners who haven’t raised capital before. With press coverage usually biased to bad news stories, many owners assume the worst when considering financial investors as an option to exit or grow their business. As mentioned recently […]

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Getting to Solla Sollew

Most of us are familiar with the works of Dr Seuss, from the childish rhymes of Green Eggs and Ham, to the Hollywood production of The Cat in The Hat. Less famous, but equally profound, is his 1965 tale “I Had Trouble In Getting To Solla Sollew”. The story is told by a young narrator […]

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Rocking the mining sector – time for buyers to be a little boulder?

Over the last 12 months, an increasing number of mining services companies have approached us wondering where we are in the cycle, and when the right time is to start looking for a partner / exit. After riding the highs and lows of the last boom, owners are either exhausted and keen to get off […]

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International investors recognise the strength of Mexican institutions

In an interview with TTRecord, Pablo Coballasi, partner at Clairfield Mexico, analysed this year’s increase in Mexican M&A activity especially in the manufacturing and  financial sectors. Pablo notes that manufacturing is growing at a higher rate than the economy, which is especially striking in the face of this year’s political uncertainty and NAFTA renegotiations. He also […]

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Meet George Jetson – Cleantech Group European Forum Antwerp

David Hassum recently attended the Cleantech Group’s annual European forum in Antwerp, Belgium. The Cleantech Group has been organising these forums for over 15 years. The attendees were from a wide range of groups in the Cleantech sector including senior representatives from major energy, oil and gas companies, large banking institutions, private equity and VC […]

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It’s all about the waste…no landfill

In 2016, the World Economic Forum warned that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. Closer to home, coral and fish of the Great Barrier Reef are being slowly poisoned by the consistent injection of plastic into our national treasure. Environmentally friendly waste management practices, zero waste to landfill, creating […]

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