It’s all about the waste…no landfill

In 2016, the World Economic Forum warned that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. Closer to home, coral and fish of the Great Barrier Reef are being slowly poisoned by the consistent injection of plastic into our national treasure. Environmentally friendly waste management practices, zero waste to landfill, creating […]

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Clairfield International ranked at the top of H1 2018 league tables

Clairfield ranked in the top ten of financial advisors in Europe, France, Spain, and the Nordics, and achieved leading positions in virtually every region where we have a presence, according to half-year league tables published by Thomson Reuters. Our ranking is thanks to our sector-driven track record, and 80% of our mandates are of international […]

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Clairfield annual meeting in Milan & reflections in on M&A market

The strong M&A market worldwide will continue in 2018 – this was the unanimous and positive outlook from Clairfield International partners gathered in Milan. Premium valuations and the bullish stock market are driving M&A across all Clairfield geographies, while the sector expertise and seamless working together of Clairfield teams spell the formula to success in […]

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Transport & Logistics industry snapshot highlights Clairfield experience and reach in the sector

Deal activity across all subsectors, growth in overall volume, increasing interest from financial investors, and the diversification of mega and large deal activity point to continued buoyancy in T&L M&A activity in 2018, according to Clairfield’s Transport & Logistics Industry Snapshot. Albert Schander, head of Clairfield’s transport & logistics group spearheaded the sector report, which […]

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IFL Ventures has launched!

We are excited to announce a new specialised division of InterFinancial; IFL Ventures. IFL Ventures is a specialist corporate advisory division focusing on IP-Rich enterprises with a value of between $1m-$20m, in contrast to InterFinancial’s focus on the mid-market range of $20m to $250m. IFL Ventures is being led by Graeme McKellar and supported by […]

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Clairfield International Partners gather in Milan

Clairfield International held its most recent partner meeting in Milan on May 24-25, 2018, organized by the local Italian partner K Finance. Partners and colleagues from 22 countries gathered both for presentations from experts in the financial community on the sector’s most pressing issues and for discussing internal best practices and evaluating outlooks. The sessions […]

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Leading firm in Turkey joins Clairfield International

Clairfield International is pleased to announce that Canyon Venture Partners has joined Clairfield International as its exclusive partner for Turkey. The new Clairfield Turkey, based in Istanbul, was founded in 2013 from the partnership among seasoned financial executives in the region. Founder and chairman Metin Ar served as the president and CEO of Garanti Securities, […]

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The Clairfield academy gives Frankfurt School of Finance students insights into M&A

Clairfield International sponsored a learning and outreach event for students at the Frankfurt School of Finance earlier this month. The invitation-only event for the top students at this leading business school gave a taste of life in the corporate finance world. The afternoon consisted of a workshop on valuation and a roundtable on opportunities and […]

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